Best Free Pligg Templates

Pligg is an open source content management system that can be used to create content sharing sites like Digg. Pligg can be used to share content, members can cast votes on the articles and the comments, which pushes the content on the top of the website (same as Digg). You can read more about pligg on their official website.

One big problem with Pligg is that you cannot find a perfect template for your website without researching a lot. You might find a good one but then it is incompatible with the current installation. The template system is kinda complex, that is why it is not easy to custom code a template.

Here we have collected a few good looking templates for Pligg based websites. These were collected from various authentic sources, including the Pligg Forum.

Note: The images have been resized to match the post width. You can click the image to enlarge the preview.

1. Mainstream Pligg template

This is my favourite pligg template, with a very elegant and clean design.


2. Mystique Pligg Template

This is the clone of Mystique WordPress theme, this template makes your Pligg website look very clean and elegant. Has a very cool layout, you can check the download link below for more information.


3. BlueStandard Pligg Template

Very clean and simple design. You can download this template from the Pligg’s official forum.


These are the best and free pligg templates available in 2013. I have myself used these and I seriously loved them. Do comment below and let us know if you know any good templates for Pligg?

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  1. pulpybucket says:

    nice collection buddy….. i will use one of them for my pligg site…. thankss

  2. I’m Glad that it helped you out. Thanks for dropping by.

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