Blogger SEO 101 : Optimize Blogspot Blog for Search Engines

Blogs always have to be one step further on SEO. And that is because when they don’t actually have anything else than content. They have words and data. That data have to be presented in a manner that google have proper and good access to it.When it comes to SEO, everyone runs in WordPress’ shelter. But, I don’t think that doing seo for blogger is so difficult. It is actually much simpler for Blogspot SEO. Actually, Blogspot SEO is just misunderstood.

Anyone can do Blogspot SEO if they are properly committed to it.

Blogspot SEO Tips for Blogger


Blogspot SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs. You can’t miss these

Here is the guide that will help you take the SEO of your blog to new heights.

1. Sitemap for Blogger Blogs

There is a really important tip that we give to every SEO that you should always add a link to sitemap of your site in the footer. All intelligent people do that. But, sadly blogger doesn’t have any Sitemap functionality.

Here is a trick to create sitemaps for blogger. Amit Agrawal  have a script for this purpose. Go to enter your blogspot blog url. Now, go to your blogger blog.  Settings->Search Preference, enable custom Robots.txt and paste the text that you had copied from the site here.

2. Change Post Title

Blogger blogs have the bad habit of creating and having titles with the blog name before the actual heading. Not only for Blogspot SEO, but also most of the time SEO’s doesn’t believe in these things. This isn’t good. To undo it. Go to Template->edit HTML->Proceed and find the text

 <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

and change it with

 cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == “index”’>

This is ought to give you some relief from that dead titles. Just remember to have them in your articles. Changing post title actually does a lot to blogspot SEO of your blog. It helps you to minimize the harm of not manipulating most of the SEO.

3. Label Properly for Blogspot SEO

Blogspot Blogs have Labels option after the post. If you want to make full use of it. I would suggest to create a label that always includes your actual keyword. That will help you with SEO and your blog will only show posts related actually to that post(as the related post feature uses only labels to identify posts).

4. Better images and SEO for them

Always use images that are unique with proper seo settings such as title including keyword, the file alternate text including keyword and the file name should also have that keyword(if you are uploading the image). This will help with better visibility in search engines, and next rankings. In, there are tools like SEO for images plugin but in Blogger you have to do it, the  manual way.

5. Keyword in the right places, make your Blogspot SEO better

Better blogs need better keyword density and keyword placement. I have already described the ideal keyword density for a website and also where the keywords are important. Go ahead read these articles and I promise, I will be here when you come back!

So you read it. Now, keyword density is one thing that describes the relevancy of your site to that keyword so be sure to do that properly. Moreover, there are tools to find out the keyword density of a page. I have discussed the Blogspot blogs here also.

6. Why don’t you Build Links?

This is the most common thing about Bloggers who use Blogspot blogs. They think that Building links is dumb. Link building is the way thousands of bloggers instantly rank high their site. This post might give you a rough idea on On-Page SEO factors. His guide explains all the rest things. Blogspot SEO needs links. Even if you don’t have your own domain. Don’t worry, that link juice will still be redirected to your new domain when you add one. And stay away from the link spams that de-rank your website.

So, have fun and keep blogging. One more SEO tip that beats all of the other: Post regular and more frequently. You will be shocked to see the results. Yes, i am not joking. Blogspot SEO isn’t that much hard as it is thought of. All the others do is just spam. If you do Blogspot SEO properly, you can be the king of Blogspot SEO.

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