Cleanfiles Review & Payment Proof

Cleanfiles is one of the best PPD networks on the web as of now. I have been using them for like two years, even though I am not into the whole PPD thing, still I managed to earn around $2000 with a two page website. Thanks to Cleanfiles.

Cleanfiles is a scam?

Well, most of the threads that I found on various forums tell that Cleanfiles is shit, it has low epc, the site doesn’t pay etc. etc. Okay, first of all, the site is completely legit, they have been paying me every single week without any problems.

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Earnings? – Earning are pretty stable, I would say that you would get around $1 for each download if you target the right countries. I am not talking about targeting India/Pakistan/other low pay countries. Sometimes the EPC of the website goes down, due to the fraud people in the network, but they are banned within a day or two.

Cleanfiles Payment Proof

Lot of people have been sending me emails about the Payment proof of Cleanfiles, they are scared because they read a few threads on some forum about the website not paying them.


Enough payments, right? – so there hasn’t been a single week they haven’t paid me. So this certainly proves that they are not a scam network. People who are saying that it is, either they used some niche that is allowed or they did fraud.

All these earnings are from a single website that I had created a year back. I do no work at the website, its been sitting right there. If you want to learn how to do the same, you can join our free training group.

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