Mobile SEO Strategy : How to Make SEO Friendly Site For Mobile Users

Mobile SEO is nothing new in the SEO Market. There are a million sites that sell mobile based products and target mobile SERPs.  Actually, if you have been around, you would know that almost all the sites are switching to Mobile Friendly designs. The best solution for them is Responsive Design!

Mobile SEO from Webmaster Tools

Here we will discuss how to make your site most friendly to Mobile SEO. Because that’s the thing that will be soon trending on the net a lot. And have also started trending on some parts. Google has its own plans on presenting Mobile content to readers and especially the Customers! Yes, there I say it. The main reason you will ever need a mobile SEO strategy is because of customers. Who doesn’t want them.

Do You Know Mobile Readers(Customers for us ) can’t navigate such easily on mobiles. So, they spend a lot of extra time on reading the full content. And that is why you will  have more time to convert them into buyers/prospects!

How to Serve Mobile Content for a better Mobile SEO Strategy?

Mobile content can be served in many ways. And i will list the most important of them. One of them is Responsive design where content stays the same, but the orientation along with the CSS allows it to be shown easily. The other way is to redirect the user to a page which is located at a sub-directory/domain. And then letting the page be crawled easily.

1. Responsive Design : This one is the easiest to enable and have mobile SEO benefits. In this case, the HTML and the URL stays same. Actually nothing changes except the orientation of the page. Very Useful! It is very easy to implement and all the link juice stays undisturbed. If you don’t know how to implement, Google will help you in building a Mobile SEO based site.

Mobile SEO strategy rel alternate tag

Actually, it has become very much used and recommended as Google recommends it. Also, read this post for further info. For people using WordPress and Blogger, there are numerous themes and templates out there which can bring pure responsiveness to your website, we’ll be writing a article on that later. 😉

2. Different page for mobile and desktop : If you serve pages located at different URLs such as (desktop version) and (mobile version). Don’t forget to do these things:

* Use canonical tag for the mobile friendly site page to the Desktop version, so that the user doesn’t confuse it.

* Also, you can add rel=alternate in the header of the mobile friendly site pointing to the desktop version.

If you use these essential things, Google won’t be disturbed by your serving of different URLs for different devices. Never do 301 by mistake, that will actually redirect your page! (Sarcasm intended, I know that you are that much intelligent to not apply 301 redirect).

Some Personal Recommendations For Mobile SEO:

As i see the conversion rate optimization changes in the SEO world. It have become exclusively important for anyone to check and pay attention towards which sites are bringing in more and more profit. When you see your efforts completely, you will realize that internet connection, screen length and usability of the user of your site from a device affects a lot of things. And nobody can’t deny that.

That is why you should be better focusing on devices like iPad, Tabs, and I Phones. That is because most of the users who are actually capable of buying things online comes from these resources. So, you can’t close the gates on them! Keep doing SEO, Keep earning. Tell me if there were any points that you would deny on me!

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