Official Facebook Plugin For WordPress Simplifies Publishing To Social Web

The new Official Facebook Social Plugin for wordpress. Actually, this plugin enhances the functionality of Blogs with Facebook. No doubt they realized that a important part (16%) of the web sites runs on wordpress. They do it all, and they do it better. Authors, now have more control and ease in sharing their content.

Official facebook Plugin for WordPress

In this post, we will have a look of the Facebook’s Social Plugin, the functionality and bugs(if any). The Facebook Plugin works well. It has the ability for the following facebook functions:

1. Social Publisher : Lets you publish on facebook timeline of you and your friends while posting. You can also mention someone during the post or tag some pages of yours.

2. Facebook Like button : This enables a like button in your posts and pages. If you like, you can also enable it on the homepage.

3. Subscribe Button : This function enables your users to subscribe to your timeline or activities. You will have to approve your account to enable this.

4. Comments : Want to add facebook comments to your pages. This option lets you do so. It also gives you moderation ability and you won’t have to put your hands in the codes. You would have enabled it earlier also but now its just easier.

5. Send Button: This is the earlier send button that everyone is familiar to. A user can send your post URL to one of his friends’. Thus helping your content go viral.

6. Recommendations bar : This is a small bar that appears on the bottom left or right corner. It opens when a user clicks or automatically. The pic you are seeing below are an example of this.

Recommendations box in Official facebook Plugin

Pros of this Official facebook Plugin:

The Facebook Plugin  have this new feature called “social publisher”. This one is amazing. I like the functionality and the working too. Who wouldn’t. It won’t be right to say that Facebook options like these are new. Plugins were also enabled before this. But, they had clutter and a lot of problems in them. Which i hated.

  • Mentioning in real time : You can now mention friends, pages, apps and groups while posting.
  • Post to Facebook : You can share posts to Facebook as soon as they are published.
  • OGP Meta Tags : The facebook plugin contains already Open Graph Meta Tags in it. So, you won’t need anything else anymore. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Recommendations Bar, seen first here! : The recommendations bar(the bottom right of my page) have pages that are shared on facebook enabled to like in one click.

You can take the example of sharebar. It messed up with that share button. It isn’t inserting the correct Open Graph Meta Tags in my blog.

Cons :

We expected some more features from facebook such as enabling sharing for images directly to facebook and also tagging people into that image would be fun. Its not that much important but we expected some new plugin that we didn’t see on the facebook plugins page. Hope that Facebook adds them later.

Plugins that are no more useful :

1. Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags : I also used the Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags plugin. But, now i will remove it. The all in one official Facebook Plugin have that functionality already. Well, you can keep it also, it works for Gplus, Linkedin and Digg also.

2. Social sharing from facebook : The plugin which allowed you to insert facebook like button into your pages in longer useful. Remove the burden and delete it now.

Many more plugins are there. But, as i know. Nobody uses them right now. Moreover, the all in one facebook plugin that now i use has the power of all of them. I liked them and hope the same for you. Thanks and please comment about your experience with the plugin. Don’t forget to like our facebook page. Make use of your Profile now!

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