How To Remove Spammy Links pointing to your site

After the Penguin update, it has become necessary for even good sites with thousands of links pointing towards them to check for those bad links in the crowd. Those links, surely are a problem for anyone. Even if you built them or not. By the way, those links are almost every time built intentionally. So, today, we will discover a way to remove spammy links from our Link Graph. The same link graph that contains info about votes/links towards our site for ranking. remove Spammy Links

Remove Spammy Links from Google Link Graph

  1. Analyze : First of all, analyzing links from anywhere is as much important as finding the problem in your PC before fixing it. This is really easy. Just go to any link analyzing tool like or else. Yahoo Search Explorer has now emerged with Bing, or you have more easily found your links. While, the option is always available in Google’s Webmaster tools.
  2. A list would be better : Making a list of all the websites that are spammy or not and still link to you can be tough work. You can do it by collecting the info that you used while building links. Do you know that google now doesn’t count links from ezinearticles and other article directories got deindexed.
  3. Check which of them are Spammy : This is even tougher. But, my post to identify link Spam can help you with it. You can test the links with it.
  4. Go to these pages/links and ask them manually. If the links don’t get removed then use the disavow tool from Google to disavow them.

For sites that are automated : Ask the webmaster or owner to remove links.

Another Spam Links like profiles and directories can be removed manually.

Tell that to Google : After you have removed links, you can ask Google for reconsideration request. And, Matt Cutts also have to say something on how to flag or remove spammy links. To apply for a reconsideration request your site should be having a manual penalty, if not then you would have to find out the bad links pointing towards your website manually, then you can disavow them using the newly introduced Disavow tool.

What if I was Caught By Google Penguin By Mistake?

If you ever think that you were non-judiciously caught by Google Penguin Update for Spammy Links that you don’t even have. Here is a form by Google Webmasters for reporting spammy links. Google will have a look at that as soon as possible and you will be again flying. Do You Know? Even my site was penalized. I just did all these steps and thus I got past those bad links and got my site reconsidered. Which of the steps took me the longest time.

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