15+ Best WordPress Plugins for SEO : 2014 Edition

Well, the original self hosted WordPress is nothing for search engines if it isn’t actually optimized for them.

SEO has an important place in our hearts. At least in mine! The only reason we turn towards WordPress rather than Blogger is because they have functionality for plugins. Yes, there I say it. Plugins! The gifts that lets you automate and enable a lot of functions on WordPress without touching or knowing the codes. That is something nice.

SEO Plugins WordPress

Now, the same happens in terms of SEO. WordPress have a lot of plugins for SEO. They do all the work with you resting on the couch. In this post, i will cover all the ultimate plugins that would make it easy for you to do SEO. All in some clicks and tapping your keyboard. I will try my best but if there are some plugins that you think are connected to SEO and not listed. Please ping me.

17 WordPress Plugins for SEO

1. SEO Search Terms Tagging 2: This plugin is enhanced and evidently the best at tagging up your keywords. How this works is simply by showing the keywords that people search for. Suppose, i search for ideal keyword density and reach to the page at my blog. This plugin will take account of that and that keyword will be published below your posts. So What? It enhances keyword density of a page and lets you rank better for the same.

2. Pubsubhubbub: This plugin enable fat pings for your blog. Your blog will be this protected from copyscrapers(those who copy content). This plugin sends a fat ping to google and other sites informing it about the content that is on your page. In simple language, it tells Google that you published that content first.

3.  WordPress SEO: This plugin is a marathon runner. With a lot of plugin functionality installed in just one plugin. You can’t miss on this. This plugin also has nofollow or noindex options for separate pages or posts that you don’t want to be indexed.

SEO Plugins For WordPressAlso, this plugin have sitemaps functionality, meta description generation functionality. URL cleaning, OGP meta tags and also title recommendations. It also have the features to do seo analysis of posts, pages after published and before.

4. All in one SEO: (This is an alternative to the Yoast SEO Plugin that I’ve mentioned above) This plugin is the second best in SEO after WordPress SEO plugin. It also have page meta tags generation functionality. It allows you to write custom titles for each post rather than repeating that headline of your post. Thus, you can include different headline as the title and a different one for the post.

wordpress plugin seo

5. HeadSpace2: This plugin have the options for adding separate meta tags, CSS, Javascript in the post. You will like it if you want to play with your landing pages.

6. SEO Smart Links: This plugin makes you choose some phrase and then automatically link to it whenever the word is mentioned in the post or some pages. This is a great plugin for productivity in internal linking.

7. Redirection: This plugin allows redirects without that painless code and editing your header files. You can create custom redirects for some pages or URLs that you want to point to external pages.

8. WordPress Ping Optimizer: You know about pinging in wordpress. Well, this one helps you not hurt yourself while pinging pages. It helps you ping  at regular intervals of time. Syncing itself with your wordpress ping list, this plugin also tells you when you last pinged google.

9. Google XML Sitemaps : You know the importance of sitemaps. It helps you make sitemaps at a URL like this : yoursite.com/sitemap_index.html. If you are using the WordPress SEO plugin. You don’t need this. It have options to exclude some special king of pages while linking to them in the sitemaps.

10. Robots Meta: Controlling which pages should be indexed and which are not is important to avoid duplicate indexed pages. Another plugin by Yoast helps you use meta tags above category pages and archives to avoid duplicate content.

11. YARPP : Interlinking can be headache. This plugin rescues your blog and adds links relevant to the content below each post. Thus taking out the pain from wordpress interlinking.

12. XML Video Sitemaps: Are you a video blogger? if yes, i mentioned this plugin for you. It allows you to create a Video sitemap of the videos mentioned on your blog and thus helps you bring more traffic from the same. After all, your first consent is your video blog.

13. Platinum SEO Plugin: Whenever you decide to change your mind or move your blog to a sub-directory. This plugin comes in handy and adds automatic redirection for such pages. If you change your URL settings in wordpress. This WordPress plugin for SEO makes sure that you don’t fall behind those ugly 404s. Automatically generates meta tags on your posts. Also, it helps to avoid duplicate content and other big features.

14. SEO No duplicate WordPress Plugin: Having duplicate content means ranking down! This plugin allows you to show which version of that post to index and which to avoid. No kidding! this plugin really takes care of that. Secret- it does it by canonicalization!

15. SEO friendly Images: Adding that alt and title tag to each image one by one would actually take a lot of time, and that doesn’t sound cool when you have to write a lot of things in a single day. What’s cool is, adding this plugin and it will do that for you. After all, images can bring traffic too.

16. SEO Post Link: When you have long URL slugs for pages, your users are annoyed. At least I will be. Prevent this by using this plugin as it have a list of stop words to already strip from the URL. That would make your images more sharable.

17. Nofollow case by case : WordPress comments are nofollow by default. This plugin helps you stripe that nofollow attribute and then add that to comments which you don’t support. Like it? I did. Just Keeps me away from Spammers.

Well, That was a long post just for some seo plugins for WordPress. In the end. All these plugins are good and can optimize your WordPress website a lot.

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  1. Kenneth von Rauch says:

    SEO No Duplicate seems to be a pretty interesting plugin but I guess Wprdpress SEO by Yoast allows you to specify a canonical url as well, right? So, why use it?

    As for the SEO Friendly Images plugin, how does it know what alt and title values to use. Does it generate content form the actual copy of my post?

  2. Yes, WordPress did add the feature of canonical URL’s some time ago.

    About the SEO friendly image plugin, it adds the title of the article as alt tag of the image.

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