Video Vantage Review – Grab 67% Discount

You must’ve come across this product called as Video Vantage, this is a software created by Devin Zander in partnership with Mo Miah and Wyatt. If you are into Video Marketing and are using YouTube as the main source of income then this software might come handy.

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Video Vantage Review


Video Vantage Review

A lot of people around are saying that Video Vantage is a scam. But that is not true, read on..

I actually started following Devin from last year when I came across his website. I must admit that I was really impressed with his writing style and skills. He is very good at SEO and knows what to do, the best part is that, his websites never get hit with any sort of algorithm updates let it be Panda, Penguin and blah blah animals.

Devin has announced a new software called as Video Vantage, this software utilizes the YouTube authority and makes the customer’s videos rank very fast.

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Eh.. You don’t believe me? – Do check the message given below by Alex Becker of Source-wave who is know as the best one out there in the SEO world.

What Video Vantage Does?

  • Uploads videos to YouTube Channels
  • After uploading it grabs all sort of information about the video and then creates thousands of social bookmarks to it.
  • It then searches out relevant high PR pages and then puts your video link with the anchor text of your choice.

The software implements the same strategy that was used by Devin to rank for the keyword “how to lose weight“. But this time it is automated.

All that with just a few clicks. Thanks to Video Vantage.

Add-ons with Video Vantage

  • Video Atlas: Video Atlas is a secret formula that will ensure high end results for you. Although, Video Vantage is the only tool that is required to rank videos, but atlas is all about bringing high conversion rates, video monetization ideas, and case studies.
  • Money Mindset MasterMind: Private facebook group of Money-Mindset users, I must say that access to it is COMPLETELY PRICELESS.

You can get all that for just a few dollars, just take a guess on how much you can make by ranking for “Bluehost Review”, “how to lose weight”, “how to gain weight”, “video vantage review” or similar keywords. The answer is thousand of dollars every SINGLE  DAY, Yes that is possible. Stop thinking, hit the “GET IT HERE” button and register your copy right away.


After purchasing from the link given below, do contact us at [email protected] to grab your bonuses instantly. You will surely love the bonuses and their worth is more than $2300.

Price of the Product

The launch promotion is going on at the moment, and you can grab the software for a mere $47 price. After the end of this promotion, the price will go upto $127. So stop thinking about it any more, and grab your bonus plus discount by clicking on the “GET IT HERE” button.

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  1. Be Careful if you are thinking of buying this software. The same developer for SEOZEN, which is a total piece of crap developed this too. Below is what happened to me.

    Just to let you know, I purchased the seozen plug in on Dec 7th By Dec 10 I still could not get it to work. Kept getting error messages. Thru much time wasted, them telling me thru their support that they are working on fixing it, it still does not work. I asked for my money back on about the 12th and many times after that. Even though they claim to have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the results you get, (in my case it never worked, still doesn’t work and still getting error messages) they refused to refund us. I am going thru the pay pal resolutions and my credit card company to get our money back. they claim there are numerous claims against them.

    Why am I telling you this? Just don’t want to see anyone else throw good money away for a faulty plug in and have to waste precious time trying to get it to work only to find out their money back guarantee is totally worthless.

    Yes, I will be starting a blog ( seozen scam) in the next few days to warn others of the scam Alex Cass Mo Miah and Alex Becker the front man are pulling.

    Also, if you are a member of warrior forum you will see they have duped a number of people


    Here are the 3 people (scammers in my mind) involved with SEOZEN and Moe Miah is the same developer with Video Vantage

    Alex Cass
    Moe Miah
    Alex Becker

  2. I did realize this when I used this software myself. Thanks to Devin for providing me with a JV Copy.
    This software did create a lot of hype which lead to over 10k+ sales, when I used the product myself I saw that it was able to build only a few crappy wiki backlinks and nothing else other than uploading videos to accounts which a basic free software can do.

    I disagree with you mentioning Alex Becker as a scammer because he did build that plugin and it did work nice for me. I was wondering why he supported a product like Video Vantage, the product creator has good relations with Becker that’s why this would have happened.

    I didn’t knew that they don’t entertain refunds, that’s sick.

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