Why Guest Blogging Is The Most Important Link Building Tactic?

Link Building is an essential part of SEO. There are a lot of people on the net who like to discover and use different un-ethical means of Link Building. Well, I don’t need to answer them. Google Penguin Update just did! What I am going to focus on now is how you can discover the importance of guest blogging in link building.The Guest Blogging process itself is Panda and Penguin proof. Really!

Guest Blogging Link Building Tactic

Here are the benefits of Link Building through Guest Blogging

1. Guest Blogging is one Link Building Tactic that never gets hit. And never will. Google, as it wants to do best for its readers will never want to block sites that gain links through guest blogging. And moreover, it will never be flagged as Link Spam. So, its a win-win situation for anyone.

2. Not just links, But a lot more: Guest Blogging gets you a lot of things and links are just a small part of it. Your blog will gain popularity through guest blogging. Your own profile can have more recognition and authority.

3. All your posts will gain relevant traffic through guest blogging. Guest Blogging links aren’t just links but relevant links! And many of the SEO’s still don’t know what a relevant link can provide them.

4. An A+ for your Blog/Site Profile : Natural and good links are an easy way to get authority in your niche. And Guest Blogging does so. Your site can have more and more credibility through that process.

5. Keywords will rank better : I have tried them on one of my earlier Android updates blog. Where I recognized the true power of guest blogging. I got my Keyword rankings heading into the sky in no time through guest blogging. The reason why I started penguin and panda proof guest posting services that is being provided to everyone now, at very reasonable rates.

So, this was why guest blogging is the most credible link building solution for any industry.

Jealous of those quick link building tactics like Link directory submission, link injections and bots that do a lot of work in a really less time? – Don’t be, Google will punish them sooner or later. And why would I do the work that makes you feel sorry?

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